We are all intrigued by the notion of visiting exotic new destinations like Asia, Africa, or South America to learn about new people and cultures. However, infectious illnesses like as malaria, yellow fever, typhoid, Hepatitis B, Rabies, and others are common in most of these areas. It is important to have the appropriate travel immunizations for your trip to be safe throughout your stay. Travel health advice is provided at Universal Health Pharmacy in Calgary, as well as a large choice of travel vaccines with same-day consultations and travel accessories. For experienced travel health advice, stop by at Universal health pharmacy, we have 12 different locations in Calgary and surrounding areas.

What is Travel Vaccine?
A vaccination is a type of drug that provides active immunity to the body against a particular disease. In most cases, it is injected into the body. Vaccines help the body’s natural defences against infectious illnesses work more effectively. Vaccines aid in the prevention of disease rather than the treatment of sickness that has already spread throughout the body. Travel vaccinations are immunizations that assist provide protection against illnesses that can be contracted when travelling overseas.

The administering of travel immunizations is known as travel vaccination.

How do Vaccines work?
Vaccines work by activating the immune system to make antibodies, which is similar to immune system training. Antibodies prepare the body to fight sickness without exposing it to the disease’s symptoms.

What travel vaccines would I need for my trip?
Depending on your destination, medical history, planned activities, time of year, and other health issues, you may require vaccinations prior to travel. Our prescribing pharmacist, will be able to provide you the best advice.

Where to get your travel vaccinations in Calgary?
If you are looking for travel health advice or vaccinations in Calgary, Universal Health Pharmacy is a one-stop-shop for all your travel health needs in Calgary.

Universal Health Pharmacy often provides walk-in and same-day appointments, which means the team will be able to see you without an appointment and may also provide a larger selection of travel vaccines. That means you might be able to acquire all of your necessary vaccines in one spot.

How soon should I start looking for travel health advice?
You should get travel health advice at least a few months before to your departure date. The reason for this is because vaccinations need time to become effective and assist your body in developing the necessary immunity. In addition, certain immunizations must be administered in numerous doses over a period of weeks. For example, the Rabies vaccine course takes a month to complete.

Why do I need travel vaccinations in the first place?
To begin with, while the standard immunisation schedule protects against some diseases, it does not protect against infectious diseases that are widespread in other regions of the globe, such as yellow fever and hepatitis B. Having the appropriate travel immunizations will help you avoid contracting certain infections when travelling.

How long does immunity from travel vaccines last?
It is determined by the vaccination. Some vaccinations offer immunity for several years, while others provide protection for the rest of one’s life. If you’re going on a vacation overseas, you should meet with a pharmacist to discuss your plans. Based on your travel health history, he or she will be able to tell you whether or not you require a booster.
Are there any side effects of vaccination?
Most side effects from vaccination are mild and short-lived.

Proof of vaccination
Some countries demand confirmation of specific immunizations before allowing you to enter.
Visitors visiting Saudi Arabia for the Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages must provide confirmation of immunization against specific forms of meningitis.
Yellow fever vaccinations are only accessible from certain locations and must be validated with an International Certificate of Vaccination.
Even if a certificate isn’t necessary, keeping a record of your travel vaccines with you when going overseas is a smart idea.

Travel Health Advice
It is important to get professional travel health advice prior to your trip abroad.
To avoid mosquito bites, dress in long-sleeved apparel and pants. Also, apply insect repellent to exposed regions of the body and sleep under a mosquito net at night. In a nutshell, put together a Travel Health Essentials Kit.
Before flying to any place where malaria is a possibility, you should begin your antimalarial therapy.
Also, when travelling overseas, adhere to the finest hygienic habits even more.

Universal Health Pharmacy in Calgary and Airdrie
Our pharmacist are available to assist you with all your vaccination and travel health needs. We can also assist you with any extras you may require for your travel necessities pack.

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